Importance Of The Big Bend National Park

A national park is a protected natural habitat where wild animals live and breed. It is normally used for conservation purposes since such an area has some historic significance. The Big Bend National Park is one of these examples. Located in the U.S state of Texas, is has some national importance since it is the largest protected front of the Chihuahuan Desert topography and ecology in the United States of America. This Heritage site covers an approximate area of approximately 324,219 hectares. Find out for further details  on  Trek Southwest right here.

It is an important place where people come to have a real time. This is because it has a variety of birds that makes bird watching a fun activity. Also, it contains a diversity of plant species, reptiles, and mammals that make the visit memorable. Apart from that, this park has different varieties of Cretaceous and Cenozoic fossils that date back to over nine thousand years. Thus, the park qualifies as an elaborate education site where people can learn about the past. Learn more about national park, click here. 

To top up this list, there exists historical buildings and landscapes that demonstrate old architecture and designs. These houses are located along the international border. In addition to this, the periphery of the park happens to be one gigantic river that acts as the natural border between Mexico and the United States of America. It is from this river that the park got its unique name. With right climate almost all year round, the park can be used for camping and hiking. This is because its numerous depressions, hills and valleys make it an interesting site to spend your vacation.

The Big Bend National Park carries a lot of history with it since it exhibits numerous cultural resources of its past inhabitants. Some of the groups that settled here at one point in time are the Chisos, Mescaleros, and the Comanche. Moreover, there are naturally developed attractions in the park such as the Balanced Rock, Casa Grande and Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend that offers a scenic view to all that opt to visit it. Also, the sunset view behind the hills from Boquillas Canyon is unmatched and breathtaking. A strange but interesting fact is that there exists a rock formation that has comfortably blended in with an ancient lizard. Therefore, the Big Bend National Park not only possesses cultural and historical value but also acts as great tourist attraction site where people from all over the world can go and have fun.